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Welcome to Custom Holidays

We are a division of The Travel Broker, a full-service agency founded in 1977 and based in Kingston. Every travel company claims their holidays to be the best. At The Travel Broker we not only sell the programmes but we design and operate the majority of them. So our holidays are not only great but many are unique; using our 150+ years experience we show you the highways and byways in comfort and at a pace that allows you to stop and smell the roses—or even stare a while.


Our holidays and those of our colleagues at The Travel Broker (Debbie Lloyd, Jeff Pychel and Denise Johnson) are designed to give you the best possible experience at your chosen destination; to take you "off the beaten track" and to introduce you to smaller, local hotels where you can enjoy the real flavour of the country.


Escorted holidays - We offer a wide selection of departures, each  travelling at a leisurely pace, for small groups (usually a maximum of 24 passengers) with a knowledgeable experienced escort from Canada! These holidays are featured on thetravelbroker.ca  Current Tours.


Custom Holidays is run by travel veteran, Jeff Barlow, and can provide services in just about anywhere in the world. Our favoured areas are:  The British Isles | Southern Europe|The Mediterranean |Africa | The Middle East | India | Southeast Asia | The Orient


Custom Holidays offers unique international holidays for individuals and groups.  As our name implies we create most of the product we offer but also offer quality holidays offered by other operators where appropriate.  Our aim is to provide for you precisely the holiday of your dreams from a villa in Tuscany to African Safaris; from drive yourself to your own private chauffeur; from trains to river steamers; from beaches to mountains; from rustic to glitzy.  


We make arrangements for:

  • singles
  • couples
  • families
  • groups

For many, the enjoyment of a trip with congenial people creates a comfortable atmosphere plus a sense of security, structure and familiarity as they explore other cultures. Often the holidays we design lead to long friendships and a greater understanding of the world works.


So - if you've always wanted to attend Royal Ascot; enjoy chili crab on Singapore's East Coast; get closer to animals in Africa than you thought possible; marvel at the Taj Mahal or applaud loudly at Europe's finest Opera Houses - we can help - all you have to do is contact us!



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